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Natraj dance choreographer in omr Chennai
November 3, 2022 0 Comments

I am a passionate dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director who adores dancing and anything related to dance. Coincidentally, I was named after the god of Dance, Natarajar, and with his full grace, I realized my potential as a dancer when I was a child and haven’t stopped since. My dream was to choreograph for Tamil movies, but the dream evolved and matured to take the shape of a professional dancer. I am thankful for the decision since my interest and exposure weren’t cooped up in the world of Tamil movies. Dance is my passion, life, and beyond, and my goal is to spread my passion by making dance accessible and interesting for everyone.

Dance Choreographer in Omr Chennai

Having learnt dance from Celebrity Dance Choreographers such as Mr. Shridhar (Dance assistant of Mr. Prabhudeva and Mr. Raju Sundaram from India), Prasanna (Director of Swingers, Chennai), and Mr. Eddie Torres (King of Mambo), Salman, and John Anthony, and with an eternal inspiration of my idol, Michael Jackson I have 15 years of experience teaching children in school and conducting dance classes for adults and children in Dance academies. I teach premier dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Western, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata, Jive, Bollywood, and Indian Folk, and fitness dance like Zumba. I not only teach techniques of dance and music but also teach how to consume dance with your soul. I have choreographed Kids’ & Adults’ dance performances that have bagged several Awards in Inter-School & Inter-Corporate Competitions. I have choreographed over 232 Sangeet ceremonies in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kochi. I have conducted workshops for international students from France, Netherlands, & Spain. My class has a very encouraging and friendly ambiance that’s conducive to learning. I accurately ascertain my student’s potential which helps me work along their learning curve and not overwhelm or underwhelm them. I believe in continuous learning, so I attend international dance workshops conducted by top choreographers every Summer. Reading books to ameliorate my knowledge on various profound topics is another hobby of mine and I am learning Spanish to better understand Latin lyrics and culture. I choreograph dance-dramas with a message, specifically the ones that talk about environmental issues and women’s empowerment. I want to spread the knowledge of various rhythms from around the world to sow and nurture world dance champions in India. 

Delving further into my passion, Dance gave me an identity, confidence, people skills, grooming skills, and language skills. A dancer creates a visual representation of music through emotions and body language. The world of dance sent me through a path of self-discovery and respect for everyone without any prejudice and I wish to share that joy with the people around me. 

“Dance is my nationality and music my language.”

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