Wedding / Sangeet Dance Choreography

Wedding / Sangeet dance choreography in Chennai
November 1, 2022 0 Comments

As a top-rated choreographer for weddings, I choreograph and teach couples, families and friends for Sangeet/Wedding in South India. 

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and joyful days of your life. Dancing manifolds your pleasure and emotion. So, dancing with your partner is a great way to express the intimacy and love you have for each other to the world outside. Dancing intensifies the bond between families. Feel the connection and dance on! 

Let me assist you in creating impeccable memories! I have choreographed for over 232 Sangeet, Wedding, and Receptions in South India. I will walk you through the entire process for eternal reminiscence. Learn the choreographies in light-heartedly engaging progressive sessions. I choreograph all kinds of songs,

  • Bride and groom’s first wedding dance
  • Bridal entry song 
  • Groom entry song
  • Girls group dance
  • Boys group dance
  • Kids dance 
  • Surprise wedding dance choreography
  • Daddy-Daughter dance
  • Family and friends group dance 
  • Family, friends couple dance performances  
  • Grandparents couple dance 
  • Line dancing 
  • La Hora Loca 

Or let’s brainstorm your idea and I shall choreograph it for you. I teach all major dance forms including basic Waltz and Ballroom for weddings and special occasions primarily in Chennai and also travel around India and abroad as per requirement, ensuring that you have fun during the process. My company is LGBTQ friendly. 

Please call me at +91 99948  67933 to discuss this further!

Note: Virtual classes through Zoom are an option if there’s a time crunch and the distance much. 

Even if it’s last minute and if you have no experience dancing, your Wedding Dance can still look amazing! 

Hire my dance services for Rs.1500/hour. 

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