Dance Choreography for Corporate Events

Dance choreography for corporate events in chennai
November 3, 2022 0 Comments

Regular Dance classes, choreographies for Townhall meetings and events and workshops offered for corporate companies.  

Corporate dance choreography and dance workshops for corporate companies.

I provide regular dance classes, fitness dance classes, intensive dance workshops & Townhall choreography for companies. My dance & fitness workshop will help employees to completely destress, be fit and feel content in the workplace and the employers can reap the benefits from increased productivity and efficiency at work. 

Dance is an effective tool to slash the employee attrition rate, and to build teamwork and interaction. I have choreographed for Townhalls at CTS, Infosys, Takata & Novotel. Indian folk dance, Jazz, Latin dance, Bollywood and Hip-hop, are some of the few dance forms I choreograph for. 

Fitness dance masterclass or Regular Fitness Dance Classes for companies in Chennai

I’m a licensed Zumba fitness instructor. I can conduct either a one-time workshop or regular fitness dance classes for companies in Chennai to keep the company’s staff fit & active at work. Studies have shown that staff undergoing regular fitness regimes have a generally higher level of attendance and contentment at the workplace. It improves self-esteem and maintains good mental and physical health. 

Annual Day Dance Choreography

I have helped many companies including CTS, and Infosys to celebrate their annual day & other important days by teaching them to dance. I have experience in almost all dance forms from Indian folk dance to Jazz, Social dance, Bollywood, Zumba, salsa & hip-hop.

Call me at +91 99948 67933 to book a session.

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